About Us
Collectively over 50 years of experience in the travel and hospitality sector

We understand the global business and leisure traveller as well as global hospitality brands.  The team has hands-on experience working in the key markets that we service – Asia, Europe and North America.

Our deep understanding of the requirements of business travellers from both developed as well as emerging markets coupled with established relationships with global hospitality brands such as Hilton, Marriott, InterContinental Hotels, Accor, Starwood Hotels, Wyndham Hotels, etc gives ScoTrav an edge to deliver exactly what our clients require.

Travel management can be complex and highly detailed.  For both the traveller and manager it can also be highly stressful, particularly when there are problems.

We put our success, our customer satisfaction ratings and our customer retention down to the customer service we deliver; day in and day out.

A dedicated Account Manager is assigned to each corporate account. Their job is to oversee your programme, make recommendations and implement the strategies agreed with you, monitor compliance and be your first line of call for any urgent or out of the ordinary requests.  These are backed up by our team of experienced hotel specialists experienced in leading complex negotiations with hotel groups.

We also appoint specific members of our experienced reservations team to handle telephone bookings; they will advise your travellers on how to get the best from your policy, avoiding frustration and misunderstanding.

               CUSTOMER SERVICE 

Excellent customer service is the centre of everything we do

ScoTrav understands that the business traveller from different cultures and countries have unique needs. We do not bracket all travellers into a single category, but we create bespoke solutions for travellers from different regions. In fact we tailor travel solutions by understanding the requirements of each traveller.

E.g. 1 On request, we will ensure that there are vegetarian options available on a menu at a hotel before we book accommodation for a traveller 

E.g.2 On request, we will ensure that there are strict food preparation and separation guidelines being followed whilst preparing beef and pork 

E.g. 3 Depending on travel policy / per diem; we will negotiate discounts not only on accommodation, but also on the extras – Food & Beverage, Laundry, WIFI, etc 

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